The new way to improve parental engagement – freely and immediately!

Tim Stirrup

Even if you think your name is easy to pronounce, the person trying to say it might not agree. Good parental engagement can be limited by that first interaction, or even not take place at all.

So, improve the likelihood of good parental engagement by adding a saymaname link (Here’s mine) to your school staff profiles on your website and in all communications. It’s easy to do, here’s how.

By doing so, parents and carers will know immediately how to say a name and that awkward barrier to better engagement – mispronunciation - can be removed. Try it by signing up here, record your name and share it right now.

Email to benefit from a bespoke registration page for your school.

Saymaname is currently free to all – but it can’t stay that way. If you are finding things tough financially, no worries. Just use it as you need. Otherwise, we suggest ether £5 per individual user, £100 per primary school or £250 per secondary school as a voluntary donation.  Donate now and we will never charge you again in future for staff links, even if the site does get a paywall.

Please do try saymaname now and pass the details onto others in your school. For best effect, everyone should get one recorded.

It’s a simple solution to a real problem.