How to use saymaname in a school.

Tim Stirrup

Many schools use the school website to publish staff lists for parents/carers to access. These may be simple lists, or also contain such as email addresses. But parents and carers can still have difficulty working out how to say a teacher's name.

Saymaname is very suitable for use on a school website to inform parents/carers how to say a teacher's name.

The process is simple.

  1. Each staff member visits and registers using their title as the 'first name' - Dr, Mrs, Ms, Mr as appropriate. They just add their last name as normal.
  2. they record their name using the appropriate title and once happy, press submit.
  3. They will receive an email to validate their name (please ask your IT team to check school spam filters if an email does not arrive) and get their own link.
  4. Teachers forward that link to the school website administrator who can then add the link to the appropriate section on the school website.

That's it. The short video below shows the registration process (although it does not contain sound, so you can't hear the recording!).

Please note: ALL staff members should do this process as even if they think their name is easy to pronounce, it is sometimes not the case. It also allows the correct title to be used.

In due course, saymaname will create an automated service for parents/carers to use that will enable them to add the pronunciation of their child's name. Which can then be used by all staff members, including temporary staff.