How to add a saymaname link to your facebook profile

It's easy! Although facebook failed at it! At one time, facebook tried to add this feature themselves - but never came up with the idea of recording it yourself. Hah! So don't mess around with their various phonetic spellings. Use saymaname to record your name how YOU want to say it, then paste the link…
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“Do NOT erase those identifiers”

When she was young, Uzo Aduba wanted to have an easier name to say, not because she didn't like it, but becasue others didn't pronounce it right. Watch her talk about how she now LOVES her name - and the meaning is truly beautiful. It is yours, it was given to you at birth, and…
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How to use saymaname in a school.

Many schools use the school website to publish staff lists for parents/carers to access. These may be simple lists, or also contain such as email addresses. But parents and carers can still have difficulty working out how to say a teacher's name. Saymaname is very suitable for use on a school website to inform parents/carers…
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