Hi, my name is Tim Stirrup, I'm the founder of saymaname. And here is my saymaname link

'Stirrup' is not a common name, if you go back to the 1881 United Kingdom census, there were only 446 Stirrups, pretty much all living near Liverpool in England! Even now, the number of Stirrups in the UK is only about 650. We're a rare breed...

I always have to spell it out, and have seen every combination of spellings – Stewart is common, Stir-up, Stuptrip, Stiprup and memorably, Saddle.

But my name is important. It is who I am, where my family is from and I am proud to be a Stirrup.

Others have even more of a problem because when people see their name written down, they don’t know how to pronounce it.

Some people make an effort, others just don’t care – “It’s too difficult” or “I’ll call you Tom instead” or such like.

That is just not acceptable.

If we can pronounce Michelangelo, Schwarzenegger or Timothée Chalamet as HE wants it to be pronounced,  then why can’t people pronounce YOUR name right?

I've created saymaname to help you to get them to say your name right. So they have NO excuse.

Just visit the saymaname registration page, record your name as YOU want to say it and then you get a link to add to your emails, to your profiles, anywhere you need. Someone seeing your saymaname can click on the link and hear YOU saying your name perfectly. 

After all, It's YOUR name, it's YOUR identity. It's YOU. 


How to donate to saymaname. 

To keep saymaname going, please donate - we suggest $5, but you can pay more or less or indeed nothing!

For those who donate - you'll get a special extra offer! 

When you pay, the dollar amount is automatically transferred into your local currency.

The humble bundle payment option here is secure and international.

Once you have made your payment, you will need to follow the emailed instructions to 'receive your order'. This is for security purposes and allows humble bundle to know you have received something in return! You do not actually 'download' anything else. 

Many thanks again and we hope that you and those who listen to you, enjoy the benefits of saymaname.