What's saymaname?

Names matter

You know how annoying it is when someone mis-pronounces your name. Or you know how difficult it can be to find out how to pronounce someone else's name.

Record your name

Very simple to use, just record your name how YOU want it to be said & get the shareable 'saymaname link'.

A new service

Using  saymaname means that those who have their name mispronounced are less likely to, those who need to know how to pronounce a name have an easy way to do so

Share your name

Paste the saymaname link on your emails, your personal details, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook... wherever!

Who can use saymaname?

Personal use

Even if YOU think it's easy or obvious how to pronounce your name, it might not be for someone else. Everyone should make their saymaname available


saymaname can be used in ANY country worldwide. In an international age, pronouncing names right is essential. Just 'translate' the site by choosing the language you need.

Academic use

Add saymaname links to your school/college website so that parents and carers can see how to say each teacher''s name correctly.

Business use

It's a great idea to use saymaname on business emails, websites, company intranets - all can benefit, both employees and customers.

How to register

Just click 'register'!

Or if you want to set up access for a team, in a school or a business, then email register@3v5.co to get your access started.

Then users enter their email (which is just for authentication purposes and security. Information is NOT released in ANY way to any third parties), Title/first and last name and then finally, the name you want to be known as. That's it. A saymaname is easy to create and takes just seconds. Simplicity is all.


As soon as you click the 'record' button and see 'GO', you have 10 seconds to record your name. (you may have to allow saymaname to access your microphone for this task only).

Say your name slowly and clearly.

Then press 'stop'. If you are happy, submit the name to our servers. If not, re-record it.

Once you have done this, you will get an email that verifies your identity, makes your saymaname active and gives you your saymaname logon details and password.


You can hear your name replayed in your account when logged on.

That is exactly how those clicking your unique saymaname link hear your name.

You might want to shorten the link using something like bit.ly or create a QR code. Share that link with your company or school website support to make it public.


Share the link as you see fit. How it can be used is limited only by our imaginations. You could use the word 'saymaname', with the embedded link as part of your email signature. Add it to your website, your company or school website. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn - all can benefit from the sharing of YOUR name.